Eco - plant pots

Benefit from the trend towards more environmental protection and sustainability.



Differentiate yourself from your competitors and win new customers.

Our ECODEGRADE eco-pot is characterized by the following features:
  • can be planted in the soil (repotting isn’t necessary)
  • biodegradable - decompose in the soil within a few weeks without remains (depending on soil conditions and climate)
  • raw material for purely vegetable origin
  • absolutely GMO-free
  • no plastic waste
  • suitable for non-woven mat irrigation, mats watering irrigation, ebb-and-flood irrigation





Datasheet round pot Ø 12cm (PDF)

Datasheet round pot Ø 10,5cm (PDF)

Datensheet Wabe (PDF)

cultivation guide (PDF)

InfosheetSet of 10 (PDF)


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